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Our Promise

  • Loan to Learn supports the Truth in Lending Act which provides transparency and meaningful disclosures of credit terms so that consumers can compare loan products. Clear and understandable disclosures further benefit consumers by promoting price competition among lenders.
  • Loan to Learn fully discloses terms, interest rates, Annual Percentage Rates, fees and the total cost of the loans we offer.
  • Loan to Learn limits the credit it offers to the actual cost of attendance at the student’s school, including items such as tuition, room and board, books, supplies and a computer.
  • Loan to Learn bases its credit decision on an assessment of the borrower’s ability and propensity to repay the loan.
  • Loan to Learn gathers income and asset documentation to verify the borrower(s) repayment capacity before extending credit.
  • Loan to Learn considers other student loan debt when making credit decisions.
  • Loan to Learn ties its variable rate loans to the Prime Rate, a well-known and readily available index.
  • Loan to Learn does not entice customers with “teaser” rate offers that expire after a short initial period.
  • Loan to Learn does not charge prepayment penalties on any of its loans.
  • Loan to Learn offers a range of repayment options, including principal and interest, interest only during school and total deferment during school. Loan to Learn educates borrowers on the differences between loan payment options.
  • Loan to Learn encourages borrowers to consider federal loans before they consider private loans and takes care to disclose the availability of federal student loan programs in its marketing materials and on its website.
  • Loan to Learn advises applicants against consolidating their existing federal loans into a private loan and directs them to federal consolidation programs.
  • Loan to Learn does not offer financial aid offices inducements to promote our loan programs.