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Important Information about IRS 1098-E Form (Student Loan Interest Statement)

The 2016 IRS 1098-E (Student Loan Interest Statement) for your Loan to Learn student loan account was mailed to the account's PRIMARY BORROWER on January 30, 2017. Please note that the form was addressed from EduCap Inc.

Keep your information current

We want to make sure you get all your tax forms on time. If you are the primary borrower on the student loan and are not currently receiving your monthly statement due to a recent change of address, please take a moment to update your current address by going to My Account

Duplicate Copies

If the primary borrower does not receive the IRS 1098-E Form by February 14, 2017, please contact Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the interest I pay on my student loan tax deductible? If so, how much can I report?

A. Some borrowers can deduct interest payments on student loans when they file their income tax returns. This provision is known as the Student Loan Interest Deduction, and eligible loans are referred to as "1098-E eligible." Note that not all education-related loans are 1098-E eligible. These include loans that were not part of the borrower's cost of attendance at their institution—for example, loans for medical students to help with residency interview and relocation costs; loans for law students to help prepare for the Bar exam. For more details, please consult your tax adviser, or visit the IRS Website (

Q. When should I expect to receive my IRS 1098-E Form?

A. We will mail the IRS Form 1098-E by the 31st of January of the year following the tax reporting year to the Primary Borrower listed on the loan. Please allow 10 business days for mailing. The 1098-E Form is not available online and we are not able to send it via e-mail for security reasons.

Q. Can I request a duplicate statement for the IRS 1098-E Form?

A. If the Primary Borrower does not receive the IRS 1098-E Form by February 14, he or she may contact Customer Support to receive a duplicate statement.