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Student Loan FAQ's

Customer Support Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Online Account Management (My Account)

Q. How can I manage my account online?

A. You can manage your account online via the My Account website 24 x 7. Using the My Account website, you can:

  • View current or previous statements
  • Check your current balance
  • Sign up for Automatic Payments and receive a .25% interest rate deduction while your account is in repayment status
  • Make a one-time payment
  • Change your mailing address
  • Receive e-mail notifications for payment due and statement availability
  • Contact customer care representative securely
  • Coming in the Fall of 2011: Ability to go green with Paperless Statements.

Q. How do I register for online account management ("My Account")?

A. Registering for online account management is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on My Account and click the "ENROLL TODAY" button
  2. Register by entering your loan account number and some basic information to verify your identity
  3. Create your unique user ID and password…

and you’re on your way to managing your loan—securely, and at your convenience.

Q. I have been locked out of My Account and need to have my password reset. How do I get my password reset?

A. From the My Account sign in page, click on Forgot Password and enter the requested information and you will be presented with the challenge phrase you chose during the Enrollment process. Answer the challenge phrase and you will be prompted to change your password.

If you are still unable to reset your password after going through this process, please call 866‑398‑7741 and a customer service representative can help you reset your password.

Q. I have more than one loan and I want to be able to see my other accounts with my My Account login. How can I register my other accounts?

A. In order to manage a secondary account through My Account, you will need to register the other account separately. We are unable to manage multiple loans with one User ID.

Topic: Paperless E-Statements

Q. Why sign up for E-Statements?

A. They're free, they're secure and they're environmentally friendly. There is absolutely no cost to sign up for E-Statements. By no longer receiving your monthly paper statement, you will help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of trash in your household and the planet.

Q. How do I sign up for E-Statements?

In order to sign up for E-Statements you must first register your account for My Account access. Once your account is registered and you login, then select "Services" from the top Menu and then select "Statement Delivery". Next review the important information regarding E-Statements and confirm the e-mail address to be used for delivery. Once you have verified the e-mail address you will need to check the "E-Statement Confirmation" box and then select "Continue". A confirmation code will then be sent to the e-mail address provided and you will need to enter the confirmation code and then click "Continue". Congratulations you are now enrolled in E-Statements and you have made your account Green!

Q. Are E-Statements Secure?

E-Statements are secure and much more secure than paper billing statements sitting in an unlocked mailbox. In order to view your E-Statement you will have to login to our secure site using your unique Username and Password.

Q. How do I change the e-mail address for E-Statements?

A. You must login to My Account and then select "Services" from the top Menu and then select "Change Contact Info". Enter the new e-mail address you want to use for your account and indicate that you would like to make this the new e-mail address by selecting the "Primary E-mail" button and then click "Submit".

Q. How do I deactivate E-Statements and go back to paper statements?

A. You must login to My Account and then select "Services" from the top Menu and then select "Statement Delivery". Next remove the checkbox from the "Check to Receive E-Statements" and click "Continue".

Topic: Auto Pay

Q. How do I enroll my checking or savings account so that I can use it to make payments through My Account?

You can enroll a checking or savings account to be used for making payments through My Account by following these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over “Bill Payment” and then select “Enroll Accounts” from the submenu
  2. Enter your Routing/Transit Number (this is generally the first 9 numbers on the bottom of your check) and click Submit
  3. Enter the Account Name (this is the name you want to use to identify the account, i.e. checking, savings, etc.) and the Account Number and then click Submit

Once a bank account is enrolled, you can schedule a one-time payment or enroll in Auto Pay.

Q. How can I sign up for automatic payments and start saving .25% on my interest rate?

A. You can sign up for Auto Pay through My Account, the online account management website:

  1. Hover your mouse over “Bill Payment” and select “Enroll Accounts” from the submenu to enter information about your checking or savings bank account that will be used for Auto Pay (See enrolling accounts step above for details)
  2. Hover your mouse over "Bill Payment" and select “New Payment”
  3. Under the "Recurring Monthly Payments (Auto Pay) section, select "Make new Payment"
  4. Select the bank account you wish to use for the payments under "Pay from:"
  5. Set the "Frequency" to "Monthly"
  6. Select the "Minimum Due" or "Other Amount"
  7. Click Continue
  8. Agree to the terms by checking the checkbox, answer the challenge question, and click I Agree

Congratulations! You are enrolled for Auto Pay and your 0.25% interest rate reduction has been applied to your account.

Important: Please note that a recurring payment established today will not pay your current amount due if an amount is currently outstanding. This recurring payment process will begin with your next payment due. To pay a current outstanding amount owed, please use the Pay Now option or make your payment via another method. In addition, if your minimum payment exceeds the fixed amount you have specified, the minimum amount will be debited from your account.

You can download and complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form (requires Adobe Reader) and return it to us using the enclosed instructions… ...and we’ll lower your interest rate by a full .25%!*

Q. How do I change the bank account used for my Auto Pay?

A. In order to change the bank account information associated with your Auto Pay using My Account:

  1. Enroll your new bank account as described above (see How do I enroll my checking or savings account so that I can use it to make payments through My Account?).
  2. Hover over “Bill Payment” and select “Make a Payment” from the submenu
  3. Re-submit your information as if you were enrolling in Auto Pay up for the first time.

Note: In order to allow for processing time the change must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to your billing due date.

Q. How do I stop the Auto Pay on my student loan?

A. In order to stop the Auto Pay associated with your student loan using My Account, simply hover over “Bill Payment” and then select “Make a Payment” from the submenu and the click on “Delete Monthly Payment.” In order to allow for processing time the change must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to your billing due date.

Q. How do I change the Auto Pay payment amount deducted from my bank account?

A. In order to change the payment amount, you must re-submit the Auto Pay with the new payment amount:

  1. Hover over “Bill Payment” and select “Make a Payment” from the submenu.
  2. Re-submit your information as if you were enrolling in Auto Pay for the first time.

Topic: Billing, Payments and Statements

Q. How can I make payments for my loan?

A. We provide several ways to make payments.

  • Online (Recurring): Log in to My Account and sign up for Auto Pay to automatically deduct payments from your bank account—and we’ll lower your interest rate by a full .25%!*
  • Online (One Time): Log in to My Account and set up a future payment date or pay today directly from your bank account
  • Postal Mail: Use the payment slip provided with your monthly statement and mail us your check (or money order) to the address shown on the bottom right of the payment slip.
  • Phone: Call 866‑398‑7741 to debit your bank account (Important note: a $20 processing fee will be added when using this payment method)

Q. How can I cancel or modify a pending One Time Payment?

A. In order to modify or cancel a pending One Time Payment using My Account:

  1. Hover over “Bill Payment” and select “Make a Payment.” The table on the page will show a history of payments submitted through My Account.
  2. Click “Pending” under the Status section.
  3. Click “Cancel Payment” or “Change Payment” to perform the requested action.

If the Status no longer shows “Pending” then the payment has been processed and can no longer be modified or cancelled.

Q. How do I change the billing due date on my student loan?

A. In order to process a due date change request, you must contact our customer service representatives at 866‑398‑7741 so that they may verify your identity and explain the process involved with your request. Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm. EST.

Q. What are my repayment options?

A. You can begin repaying the loan's principal and interest (P & I) immediately after disbursement; or you may pay the Interest Only and defer principal payments for up to 7 years after the loan is disbursed or 6 months following graduation or if the student leaves school, whichever comes first. Interest only payments provide borrowers with a lower monthly payment while in school, but does not reduce the original loan amount (the principal). You can switch from one payment plan to another any time during the life of the loan, subject to certain conditions/criteria. However, when changing from interest only to principal and interest your monthly payment will increase, so we request that all parties to the loan agree to such changes. Download and complete the Request for Change in Payment Plan (requires Adobe Reader) and return it to us using the enclosed instructions. You are also encouraged to make payments toward your principal at any time.

Q. I recently married and want to change my name on my loan. How do I get my name updated?

A. In order to change your name associated with your Loan to Learn Student Loan, please send us either a copy of your marriage certificate or your updated driver license via fax to 703-674-4671, or via mail to:

Loan Servicing Center
PO Box 651118
Sterling, VA 20165-1118

Topic: Taxes and IRS Form 1098-E

Q. Is the interest I pay on my student loan tax deductible? If so, how much can I report?

A. Some borrowers can deduct interest payments on student loans when they file their income tax returns. This provision is known as the Student Loan Interest Deduction, and eligible loans are referred to as "1098-E eligible." Note that not all education-related loans are 1098-E eligible. These include loans that were not part of the borrower's cost of attendance at their institution—for example, loans for medical students to help with residency interview and relocation costs; loans for law students to help prepare for the Bar exam. For more details, please consult your tax adviser, or visit the IRS Website (

Q. When should I expect to receive my IRS 1098-E Form?

A. We will mail the IRS Form 1098-E by the 31st of January of the year following the tax reporting year to the Primary Borrower listed on the loan. Please allow 10 business days for mailing. The 1098-E Form is not available online and we are not able to send it via e-mail for security reasons.

Q. Can I request a duplicate statement for the IRS 1098-E Form?

A. If the Primary Borrower does not receive the IRS 1098-E Form by February 14, he or she may contact Customer Support to receive a duplicate statement.

Topic: Other

Q. I am having problems paying off my loans—what are my options?

A. You—and your co-signers—are responsible for repaying your student loan on time. If you miss one payment, you are considered delinquent. If this pattern continues, you could go into default. If you are having trouble making your loan payments, here are some options to consider:

  • Change your payment plan. If you are making principal and interest payments, you can lower your monthly payments by switching to interest only payments while in school (subject to certain conditions/criteria). Please review, "What are my repayment options," located in the FAQ above to learn more about how you can change payment plans.
  • Apply for forbearance: in extreme situations, you can apply for forbearance, whereby you don’t have to make any payments for 6 months while you get your finances back on track. Note that interest will continue to accrue during this forbearance period, and will be added to your unpaid balance at the end of the forbearance period. Please review, "How do I apply for forbearance," located in the FAQ below to learn more about Policies and Processes.

Q. How do I apply for forbearance?

A. You should apply for forbearance only if both you AND your co-signers' financial situation prevents you from making timely payments on your student loan. If this is the case, follow these instructions:

  • Download and complete the Request for Forbearance application form (requires Adobe Reader)
  • Make sure that ALL parties to the loan fill out a separate form with detailed reasons for why they need the forbearance. The forms must be signed and mailed back to the address provided
  • ALL parties to the loan must prove the need for forbearance; in the event that one of them does not, he/she is expected to make the normal loan payments on the account per the promissory note they signed
  • It is very important that you continue to make payments on the account until you receive the forbearance approval from us in writing (remember: making a request for forbearance does not release you from your obligation to make payments)
  • Once we receive all the information, we will review the account, payment history, and reasons for forbearance. While we make every effort to expedite the process, the time frame can take up to a month, since the extent of research required can vary
  • Once we complete the research and a decision is made, all liable parties to the loan will be notified in writing of the approval or denial of the request

Q. What are “delinquency” and “default”? What happens if my account becomes delinquent, or if I default?

A. Delinquency is when you fail to make your monthly loan payments on time. You will be considered to be delinquent when you miss even one payment. All your student loan payments (as well as credit cards, mortgages and/or other obligations) are listed on your credit report(s). So, aside from late fees (and/or collection costs), your delinquencies could be reported to the national credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax, Innovis) and negatively impact your credit history. If you continue to miss payments, you could go into default, which can have more serious and longer-lasting consequences. These include, but are not limited to: legal action for the balance of your loan; negative impact on your credit rating; garnishing of wages; loss of eligibility for future loans.

Q. Can I submit an application to remove my co-signer from the loan? If so, how do I apply?

A. Before you submit an application to release your co-signer from the loan, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The loan has been in repayment for at least 48 months.
  2. All monthly payments were made on-time by the billing due date.

To apply, ALL parties currently on the loan must complete and sign the Co-Signer Release Application (requires Adobe Reader)

Once an application is submitted, the remaining party or parties on the loan will be evaluated to determine whether they meet our credit criteria (i.e. creditworthiness and income requirements).

Q. What is the process for Co-Signer Release?

A. The following is the process for Co-Signer Release:

  1. The Student Borrower and remaining Co-Signer (when applicable) must complete the Co-Signer Release Application.
  2. The application must be signed by all liable parties to the original loan.
  3. Current credit reports will be obtained for each remaining party to determine eligibility.
  4. Each remaining party must present qualifying Proof of Income documents and meet Loan to Learn’s current creditworthiness guidelines.

The decision (approval or denial) will be sent to the parties for whom a credit report was obtained.

*Accounts in Total Deferment are not eligible for rate reductions until repayment begins.